Ab Initio macromolecular phasing has been traditionally limited to small proteins at atomic resolution (1.2Å or better unless heavy atoms are present). ARCIMBOLDO constitutes a general method for 2Å data, based on combination of location of model fragments like small ?-helices with PHASER and density modification with SHELXE, distributed over a grid of computers.

Licenses Site or group licence
Categories Crystallography
Software Requirements Phaser Shelxe Python
Hardware Requirements Running on a HPC grid
Platforms Linux
Languages Python
Input Formats ASCII CCP4 HKLF
Output Formats PDB HTML PHS


path_local_phaser: /mnt/hpcsoftware/share/phenix/phenix.phaser
path_local_shelxe: /mnt/hpcsoftware/share/shelx/shelxe
path_local_borges: /mnt/hpcsoftware/share/arcimboldo/BORGES_MATRIX
path_local_arcimboldo: /mnt/hpcsoftware/share/arcimboldo/ARCIMBOLDO_BORGES
type_local: SLURM
type_remote: SLURM
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Rodríguez, D.D.; Grosse, C.; Himmel, S.; González, C.; Ilarduya, I.M.; Becker, S.; Sheldrick, G.M. & Usón, I. "Crystallographic ab initio protein structure solution below atomic resolution". Nature Methods. 6(9), 651-653 (2009).

Instruments BL13-XALOC (ALBA)
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