Paris, France

SOLEIL, an acronym for ÔÇťOptimised Light Source of Intermediate Energy to LURE is a research center located on the Plateau de Saclay in Saint Aubin, Essonne. More concretely, it is a particle (electron) accelerator that produces the synchrotron radiation, an extremely powerful light that permits exploration of inert or living matter.


Atomic Simulation Environment (ASE)

The Atomic Simulation Environment (ASE) is a set of tools and Python modules for setting up, manipulating, running, visualizing and analyzing atomistic simulations.

DARTS on-demand computing

The Data Analysis Remote Treatment Service (DARTS) [1] is a remote desktop service that launches virtual machines in the cloud, and displays them in your browser. These machines can be used for e.g. scientific data treatment. A user indicates how man...

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