The DIALS project is a collaborativeproject to develop diffraction integration software. There are three end goals: to develop an extensible framework for the development of algorithms to analyse X-ray diffraction data; the implementation of algorithms within this framework and finally a set of user facing tools using these algorithms to allow integration of data from diffraction experiments on synchrotron and free electron sources.

Website https://dials.github.io/
Licenses Other (Open)
Categories Crystallography Macromolecular Crystallography
Software Requirements -
Hardware Requirements -
Platforms Mac OS Linux
Languages C++ Python
Input Formats JSON
Output Formats JSON
Contact email dials-support@lists.sourceforge.net

DIALS executables Installed on the central cluster. Examples of call:

>dials.import >dials.find_spot >dials.index >dials.refine >dials.integrate

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Instruments ID23-1 (ESRF) ID23-2 (ESRF) ID29 (ESRF) ID30A-1 (ESRF) ID30A-3 (ESRF) ID30A-2 (ESRF) ID30B (ESRF)
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