DYNA (or "Dynamic x-ray reflectivity (off-or-on resonance regime for isotropic, anisotropic and magnetic multilayers) simulation program") is a simulation tool to analyze structural, magnetic and electronic profiles along the growth direction of ultrathin layers. It simulates conventional x-ray or optical reflectivity, resonant (or "anomalous") x-ray reflectivity, "orbital reflectometry", magnetic resonant x-ray reflectivity with applications to magnetic or anisotropic layers, in hard or soft matter. Dyna is an on-going open-source project, that uses Matlab environment, the move to Python + Qt being in progress.

Website http://neel.cnrs.fr/spip.php?rubrique1008&lang=en
Licenses Common Development and Distribution License 1.0
Categories XRR
Software Requirements Matlab
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Languages MATLAB Python
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Contact email stephane.grenier@neel.cnrs.fr
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M. Elzo, et al., Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 324 (2), pp. 105-112 (2012)

Published results using Dyna: http://neel.cnrs.fr/spip.php?article3228

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