DARTS on-demand computing

The Data Analysis Remote Treatment Service (DARTS) [1] is a remote desktop service that launches virtual machines in the cloud, and displays them in your browser. These machines can be used for e.g. scientific data treatment. A user indicates how many CPU cores and how much memory he wishes, can optionally request a GPU for heavy-duty computations, and can be customized at start-up. The sessions typically start in about 10 seconds, and can be shared with colleagues within their life-time (typically 4 days). Each user can manage all his active sessions (connect, stop, share).

This service can be installed and configured within a few minutes (sudo apt install qemu-web-desktop), and it requires minimal maintenance. It can also run on a set of servers without any underlying complex infrastructure. The source code is fully open-source, and relies on very simple elements (Apache web-server and QEMU). Give it a try !

Website https://gitlab.com/soleil-data-treatment/soleil-software-projects/remote-desktop
Licenses GNU Affero General Public License v3
Categories Data analysis Utilities Data reduction
Software Requirements Apache, QEMU
Hardware Requirements high-end PC, distributed servers, can use GPU's
Platforms Linux
Languages JavaScript Perl Unix shell
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  • https://gitlab.com/soleil-data-treatment/soleil-software-projects/remote-desktop
  • https://packages.debian.org/sid/qemu-web-desktop
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