Python tools for Nano-structures Crystallography. The software included in this package can be used for:
1. the computing of X-ray scattering using graphical processing units (documentation on
2. X-ray wavefield propagation (from near to far field)
3. simulation and GPU-accelerated analysis of experiments using the ptychography and coherent diffraction imaging techniques

See the full API documentation at:

Licenses CeCILL License 2.1
Categories Data analysis Optics simulation Crystallography Ptychography Imaging
Software Requirements python (3.4+, 2.7 is deprecated), scipy, pyopencl, clfft, gpyfft, pycuda... See the documentation for an example installation script in a python virtual environment.
Hardware Requirements GPU with OpenCL is necessary to access all features.
Platforms Mac OS Linux
Languages CUDA OpenCL Python
Input Formats HDF5 EDF SPEC
Output Formats There are no output formats associated to this software.
Contact email,

PyNX can be downloaded from the ESRF FTP server Development web page are available on the ESRF gitlab server (send an email if you need access from outside the ESRF)

Documentation / Tutorials



J. Appl. Cryst. 49 (2016), 1842-1848 PyNX.Ptycho: a computing library for X-ray coherent diffraction imaging of nanostructure

J. Appl. Cryst. 44 (2011), 635-640 Fast computation of scattering maps of nanostructures using graphical processing units

Instruments BM02 (ESRF) BM32 (ESRF) ID01 (ESRF) ID10 (ESRF) ID13 (ESRF) ID16A-NI (ESRF)
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