FLUKA is a fully integrated particle physics MonteCarlo simulation package from CERN and INFN. It has many applications in high energy experimental physics and engineering, shielding, detector and telescope design, cosmic ray studies, dosimetry, medical physics and radio-biology. It is used for radiation shielding simulations in the safety group.

Website http://www.fluka.org
Licenses Software subject to license fees
Categories Instrument Simulation Nuclear Resonant Scattering Modelling
Software Requirements >* ***ALBA***: gcc libf2c g77/gfortran
Hardware Requirements >* ***ALBA***: Running on a HPC grid
Platforms Linux
Languages Fortran
Input Formats ASCII
Output Formats PNG Text
Contact email fluka-discuss@fluka.org
  • ALBA:

In terms of making the work of users easier we have two scripts sbachfluka and join.py. The first one takes the name of data file, generate a slurm job and submit the job to the batch. The second one, join.py, takes the result files and joins in one data set. The login nodes have also the software interface flair and flair-geoviewer installed.

  • ESRF:

Running on the central cluster. first, source the following bash script: /scisoft/users/wilcke/swdev/fluka/source.bash and then call fluka via: >rfluka "input file"

Documentation / Tutorials

FLUKA Online manual FLAIR Documentation

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