GdfidL computes electromagnetic Fields in 3D-Structures using parallel or scalar Computer Systems. GdfidL computes Resonant Fields in lossfree or lossy Structures and Time dependent Fields in lossfree or lossy Structures. The Fields may be excited by Port Modes or relativistic Line Charges. The Postprocessor computes from these Fields eg. Scattering Parameters, Wake Potentials, Q-Values and Shunt Impedances.

Licenses Software subject to license fees
Categories Modelling
Software Requirements -
Hardware Requirements Running on a HPC grid
Platforms Linux
Languages There are no languages associated to this software.
Input Formats ASCII GDF
Output Formats ASCII GDF PNG MTV
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#SBATCH -e <prefix of std error file> %j-%N.err
#SBATCH -o <prefix of std output file>%j-%N.out
#SBATCH –job-name=<job name>
#SBATCH –export=PATH
#SBATCH –partition= <slurm partition>
#SBATCH –mem= <memory>
#SBATCH -n <number of threads>

module load mpich-x86_64

export GDFIDL_VERSION=160808g
export GDFIDL_LICENSE=/mnt/hpcsoftware/gd1/gdX-license
export GDFIDL_HOME=/mnt/hpcsoftware/gd1/
export I_MPI_PMI_LIBRARY=mpd
export DISPLAY=:0.0
mpirun /mnt/hpcsoftware/gd1/Linux-x86_64/gd1-160808g <  <gdfidl file>.gdf
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GdfidL: Syntax and Semantics

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Instruments BL09-MISTRAL (ALBA)
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