DiffPy-CMI is a library of Python modules for robust modeling of nanostructures in crystals, nanomaterials, and amorphous materials.
The software provides functionality for storage and manipulation of structure data and calculation of structure-based quantities, such as PDF, SAS, bond valence sums, atom overlaps, bond lengths, and coordinations. Most importantly the DiffPy-CMI package contains a fitting framework for combining multiple experimental inputs in a single optimization problem.

Website http://www.diffpy.org/products/diffpycmi/
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Categories Powder Diffraction Library PDF
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Platforms Mac OS Linux Windows
Languages Python
Input Formats PDB CIF XYZ
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Contact email sb2896@columbia.edu

Installed on the central cluster. In order to set the correct environment variables one has to:

source /sware/exp/python/diffpy-cmi/envar.sh

and then invoke the different modules via

>python or >ipython

Documentation / Tutorials

User guide Tutorials available at the bottom of this page


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