Data Analysis RPC server over Tango

Dahu is a lightweight plugin based framework...
... technically a JSON-RPC server over Tango

* plugin can be class or can be generated from state-less function
* a plugin is executed within a job, each job lives in its own thread.
* plugins have empty constructors plus 4 methods (or more)
- setup allows to set the input parameters. It performs sanitization if needed
- process does the taff
- teardown sets the output and the logging and cleans up if needed
- abort can be used to stop the processing if a plugin is a daemon.
* the job is responsible for serializing on disk the plugin input and output
* jobs can be launched using the tango interface (or other ...)
* plugins have a single input and output, they are simple JSON-serializable dictionaries.

Website https://github.com/kif/dahu
Licenses MIT License
Categories Data analysis Data reduction Powder Diffraction SAXS/SANS
Software Requirements -
Hardware Requirements -
Platforms Linux
Languages Python
Input Formats HDF5 JSON
Output Formats HDF5 JSON
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Instruments BM29 (ESRF) ID02 (ESRF) ID15A (ESRF) ID31 (ESRF)
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