nxtomomill provide a set of applications to convert tomography acquisition made from bliss (@ESRF) from their original file format (.edf, .h5) to a Nexus compliant file format (using NXtomo)

Website https://gitlab.esrf.fr/tomotools/nxtomomill
Licenses MIT License
Categories Data analysis Tomography
Software Requirements -
Hardware Requirements -
Platforms Linux
Languages Python
Input Formats HDF5 EDF
Output Formats HDF5
Contact email henri.payno@esrf.fr
There is not a how-to for this software.
Documentation / Tutorials

Documentation is available here: http://www.edna-site.org/pub/doc/nxtomomill/latest/index.html Tutorials are available here: http://www.edna-site.org/pub/doc/nxtomomill/latest/tutorials/index.html



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