ROD is a program that can be used to do a refinement of a surface structure using surface X-ray diffraction data. All main features one encounters on surfaces, like roughness, relaxations, reconstructions and multiple domains, are taken into account. The most essential part of ROD is the calculation of the structure factor of the surface.
ROD is complemented by two utilities: ANA and AVE: ANA can be used to integrate scans and to convert these into structure factors, while AVE can sort and average data, determine agreement factors and produce a data file for the program ROD.

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Categories Data analysis Crystallography Surface Crystallography
Software Requirements -
Hardware Requirements -
Platforms Linux Windows
Languages C
Input Formats ASCII
Output Formats ASCII
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Download the programs The three programs are installed on the central cluster and can be called via:

>/sware/exp/anarod/bin/ana >/sware/exp/anarod/bin/ave >/sware/exp/anarod/bin/rod

Documentation / Tutorials

Manual available on the central cluster in:

/sware/exp/anarod/doc/rodmanual.pdf /sware/exp/anarod/doc/anamanual.pdf

Example datasets are listed in the manuals


Vlieg, E.: "ROD, a program for surface X-ray crystallography", Journal of Applied Crystallography, J. Appl. Cryst. 33 (2000) 401-405

Instruments BM25B (ESRF) BM32 (ESRF) ID03 (ESRF)
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