The GNXAS package is a computer code for EXAFS data analysis based on multiple-scattering (MS) calculations and a rigorous fitting procedure of the raw experimental data. The main characteristic of the software are:
+ atomic phase shifts calculations in the muffin-tin approximation based on atom self-consistent relativistic calculations. Account for the neighbors is taken.
+ Inclusion of inelastic losses through complex Hedin-Lundqvist potential.
+ Calculation of MS signals associated with two, three, and four atom configurations using advanced algorithms.

Use of an advanced fitting procedure that allows:
+ to fit simultaneously any number of spectra containing any number of edges,
+ to use directly the raw data without any pre-analysis,
+ to account for complex background multi-electron excitation features,
+ to use various model peaks for the pair, triplet and quadruplet distribution functions, including non Gaussian models and extreme cases. In all cases absolute parameters can be fitted,
- to treat liquid phase or disordered systems and extract reliable g(r) functions in the short range,
- to perform a rigorous statistical error analysis and plot two-dimensional correlation maps,
- to provide a flexible scientific tool for EXAFS data analysis where the user has access to every stage of the calculation.
- full modularity that makes easy to interface parts of the GNXAS software with other available software.

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Categories Data analysis XAFS Modelling
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Platforms Mac OS Linux Windows
Languages Fortran
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Installed on the central cluster, callable via: >gnxas

Documentation / Tutorials

Several pieces of documentation in: /sware/exp/gnxas/doc/


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Instruments BM08 (ESRF) BM23 (ESRF) BM26A (ESRF) ID24 (ESRF)
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