X-ray Detector Software for processing single-crystal monochromatic diffraction data recorded by the rotation method.
It processes a sequence of adjacent, nonoverlapping rotation images collected from a single-crystal at a fixed X-ray wavelength and recorded by a variety of imaging plate, CCD, pixel and multiwire area detectors;

allows arbitrary but fixed orientations of the detector and rotation axis, and only requires that incident beam and rotation axis intercept in one point in the center of the crystal;
automatically derives reflecting range, spot width, crystal orientation, symmetry, and cell parameters from the data images.
delivers a list of corrected integrated intensities of the reflections occuring in the data images.

Website http://xds.mpimf-heidelberg.mpg.de/
Licenses Site or group licence
Categories Crystallography Macromolecular Crystallography
Software Requirements -
Hardware Requirements -
Platforms Mac OS Linux
Languages C Fortran
Input Formats HDF5 CBF
Output Formats CCP4 MTZ
Contact email Wolfgang.Kabsch@mpimf-heidelberg.mpg.de

Installed on the central (rnice) cluster and runnable via: >xds or the GUI-version of it via: >xdsGUI

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Instruments ID23-1 (ESRF) ID23-2 (ESRF) ID29 (ESRF) ID30A-1 (ESRF) ID30A-3 (ESRF)
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