The X-ray Strain Orientation Calculation Software (X-SOCS) is a user-friendly program, which has been developed at ID01 for analysis of the spec-file and images recorded during continuous mapping measurements. X-SOCS aims at retrieving strain and tilt maps of nanostructures, films, surfaces or even embedded structures. It offers the opportunity to get preliminary results directly at the beamline giving the user the opportunity to adapt the planning of the experiments and the measurements with respect to this first set of results. This is of particular importance for the application of such fast scanning methods to in operando studies at high temperatures or in gas or liquid environments.

Website https://gitlab.esrf.fr/kmap/xsocs
Licenses MIT License
Categories Data analysis Data reduction
Software Requirements Silx, Xrayutilities
Hardware Requirements -
Platforms Linux
Languages C Python
Input Formats HDF5 EDF SPEC
Output Formats HDF5 CSV
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J. Appl. Cryst. (2014). 47, 762-769 G. A. Chahine et. al "Imaging of strain and lattice orientation by quick scanning X-ray microscopy combined with three-dimensional reciprocal space mapping"

Instruments ID01 (ESRF)
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