a graphical user interface to manage tomography data preprocessing, reconstruction and visualizaton based upon IDL and PyHST packages.

Licenses Other (Open)
Categories Visualization Data reduction Tomography Imaging GUI
Software Requirements Licence IDL
Hardware Requirements -
Platforms Linux
Languages IDL
Input Formats TIFF EDF
Output Formats TIFF EDF JPEG Real32
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on the central cluster, on a user account. In the user home directory:

> mkdir idl > cd idl

> mkdir tomo > cd tomo > cp /sware/exp/scisoft/id17/idl/tomo/tomo.par tomo.par

edit your .bashrc file or .bashrc_private file and add:

     export IDL_STARTUP='/sware/exp/scisoft/id17/idl/startups/'
             export IDL_COLORS='TrueColor'
             export PATH=$PATH':/opt/idl/bin:/sware/exp/scisoft/id17/idl/bin'

*  source .bashrc
*  launch: idltomo
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Instruments ID17 (ESRF)
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