Combined EXAFS and XRPD data analysis with EXAFS full multiple scattering calculations and whole-spectrum fitting. A code designed to maximise the usefulness of the EXAFS technique in the investigation of crystalline materials which powder diffraction (PD) methods could not uniquely resolve. The program retains many of the features of EXCURVE (s. the related web pages) and provides most of the PD features of the program GSAS. For EXAFS this includes full multiple scattering calculations and whole-spectrum fitting, but at present it cannot deal with EXAFS polarisation dependence. PD calculations currently exclude calculation of the thermal diffuse scattering contribution, which is included in the background.

Website http://www.esrf.fr/computing/scientific/EXCURVE/p30.htm
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Categories Data analysis Sample simulation XAFS Powder Diffraction
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Platforms Linux
Languages Fortran
Input Formats ASCII
Output Formats ASCII
Contact email N.Binsted@ntlworld.com

Installed on the central cluster and callable via >p

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Binsted,N.,Weller,M.T. and Evans,J.(1995). Combined EXAFS and powder diffraction analysis. Physica B. 208,129

Binsted,N.,Pack,M.J.,Weller,M.T. and Evans,J.E.(1998). The Southampton combined EXAFS and powder diffraction program. Comm.Powd.Diffr.Newslet. 20,8

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