Unscrambler X

Commercial software product for multivariate data analysis, used for calibration of multivariate data which is often in the application of analytical data such as near infrared spectroscopy and Raman spectroscopy, and development of predictive models for use in spectroscopic analysis of materials. Unscrambler X was an early adaptation of the use of partial least squares (PLS). Other techniques supported include principal component analysis (PCA), 3-way PLS, multivariate curve resolution, design of experiments, supervised classification, unsupervised classification and cluster analysis.

Website http://www.camo.com/rt/Products/Unscrambler/unscrambler.html
Licenses Software subject to license fees
Categories Data analysis Sample simulation Spectroscopies
Software Requirements -
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Platforms Windows
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Input Formats ASCII CSV
Output Formats NetCDF ASCII JCAMP-DX

This software is installed on one of the ID21 Windows PCs. Refer to ID21 staff for its usage

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Journal of Chemometrics 1(4):201-219 Harald Martens, Terje Karstang, Tormod Næs (1987), "Improved selectivity in spectroscopy by multivariate calibration "

Encyclopedia for Research Methods for the Social Sciences. Thousand Oaks, CA Sage, pp. 1–17 Lewis-Beck, M., Bryman, A., Futing, T. (Eds.), Abdi, H. (2007) "Partial least squares regression"

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