The program package WIEN2k allows to perform electronic structure calculations of solids using density functional theory (DFT). It is based on the full-potential (linearized) augmented plane-wave ((L)APW) + local orbitals (lo) method, one among the most accurate schemes for band structure calculations. WIEN2k is an all-electron scheme including relativistic effects.

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Platforms Linux
Languages C Shell Fortran
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  • ESRF:
    The binaries are installed on the central cluster under: /sware/exp/wien2k/wien2k_14.1/ Before running one of the executables one should copy and adapt the user configuration script:


Also, in order to get the necessary libraries, one has to "source" a setup script with the following command: >source /sware/exp/wien2k/

For more details, in particular on running the parallel version of WIEN2k, see the users guide (in "Documentation / Tutorials").

  • ALBA:
    The binaries are installed on claexperiments01 under: /mnt/hpcsoftware/WIEN2k/wien2k_14.2/parallel
Documentation / Tutorials

Quick start

Users guide


Comput. Phys. Commun. 59, 399 (1990) P. Blaha, K. Schwarz, P. Sorantin, and S. B. Trickey, "Full-potential, linearized augmented plane wave programs for crystalline systems"

Comput. Mater. Sci. 28, 259 (2003) K. Schwarz and P. Blaha, "Solid state calculations using WIEN2k"

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