BINoculars is a tool for data reduction and analysis of large sets of surface diffraction data that have been acquired with a 2D X-ray detector. The intensity of each pixel of a 2D-detector is projected onto a 3-dimensional grid in reciprocal lattice coordinates using a binning algorithm. This allows for fast acquisition and processing of high-resolution datasets and results in a significant reduction of the size of the dataset. The subsequent analysis then proceeds in reciprocal space. It has evolved from the specific needs of the ID03 beamline at the ESRF, but it has a modular design and can be easily adjusted and extended to work with data from other beamlines or from other measurement techniques.

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Categories Data analysis Visualization Data reduction Single Crystal Diffraction GISAXS/GISANS Crystallography Surface Crystallography XRR
Software Requirements -
Hardware Requirements -
Platforms Linux
Languages Python
Input Formats EDF SPEC
Output Formats HDF5 ASCII
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BINoculars is isntalled on the central cluster (named rnice) and can be run via:

>python /data/id03/inhouse/binoculars/scripts/binoculars-gui

Documentation / Tutorials

Tutorial 1 Tutorial 2 Tutorial 3



Instruments BM25B (ESRF) ID03 (ESRF) ID31 (ESRF)
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