simex_platform is a python library to facilitate setup, execution, and analysis of simulations of experiments at advanced laser light sources. As an example, consider a molecule radiated by highly brilliant, ultrashort x-ray pulses such as delivered by an X-Ray Free Electron Laser (X-FEL). The simulation platform allows to combine tools and codes for the simulation of each step of the experiment: Generation of radiation in the photon source, propagation through optics and waveguides to the interaction point, photon-matter interaction, scattering of the radiation into the far field and detection of the latter. The platform provides slots and interfaces for the various simulation steps.

Licenses GNU General Public License 3.0
Categories Instrument Simulation Sample simulation Optics simulation Modelling
Software Requirements See requirements.txt and cmake. Some modules require BLAS, provided e.g. in MKL or ATLAS.
Hardware Requirements Full fledged start-to-end simulations benefit from GPGPUs. Coherent wavefront simulation may require RAM > 128GB.
Platforms Linux
Languages C++ Python
Input Formats HDF5
Output Formats HDF5
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Example datasets

Example input dataset (photon source wavefront): DOI

Propagated 3fs 5 keV XFEL pulses: DOI

Photon-Matter Interaction of 2NIP protein with focussed 5 keV x-ray pulses: DOI

Coherent diffraction from a single protein: DOI

Example input dataset for radiation-hydrodynamics simulation: DOI

Example input files for radiation-hydrodynamics simulation DOI

ParaTAXIS (HED-SAXS) Input and Output: DOI

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