Tomwer is offering tools to automate acquisition and reconstruction processes for Tomography.
It contains:
- a library to access each acquisition process individually
- gui and applications to control main processes (reconstruction, data transfert...) and execute them as a stand alone application.
- an orange add-on to help users defining their own workflow (

Licenses MIT License
Categories Data analysis Visualization Tomography Library GUI
Software Requirements hard dependencies: silx, fabio soft dependencies: orange3, pyhst, hdf5, tofu (lamino), fabio, graypy, liveslice
Hardware Requirements -
Platforms Linux
Languages Python
Input Formats HDF5 NeXus EDF
Output Formats NeXus
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Instruments BM05 (ESRF) ID11 (ESRF) ID16B-NA (ESRF) ID17 (ESRF) ID19 (ESRF)
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