A neutron ray-trace simulation package. McStas is a general tool for simulating neutron scattering instruments and experiments.

Licenses GNU General Public License 2.0
Categories Instrument Simulation Sample simulation Optics simulation Powder Diffraction Single Crystal Diffraction Spectroscopies
Software Requirements A C compiler. User Interfaces require e.g. any of Perl/Tk/PGPLOT, Python/Qt, Matlab, Gnuplot, ...
Hardware Requirements -
Platforms Mac OS Linux Windows
Languages C Perl Python
Input Formats Text
Output Formats NeXus m (MATLAB) R Text VRML VTK X3D
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K. Lefmann and K. Nielsen, Neutron News 10, 20, (1999). P. Willendrup, E. Farhi and K. Lefmann, Physica B, 350 (2004) 735.

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