VGStudio MAX

VGStudio MAX is a high-end software for the visualization and analysis of CT data in combination with the optional add-on modules 'Coordinate Measurement', 'Nominal/Actual Comparison', Porosity/Inclusion Analysis', 'Wall Thickness Analysis', 'Fiber Composite Material Analysis' and 'CAD Import (with PMI)',

Licenses Software subject to license fees
Categories Data analysis Visualization Tomography
Software Requirements -
Hardware Requirements -
Platforms Linux Windows
Languages There are no languages associated to this software.
Input Formats RAW TIFF BMP GZIP Integer16 Integer32 JPEG JPEG2000 Real32 UnsignedInteger16 UnsignedInteger32
Output Formats VGL VGI

VGStudio Max V3.0 runs on the following ID19 Windows computers: tyrex2, tyrex4; on the following ID16B computer: wid16chiquita and on the following ID17 computer: taurus

Documentation / Tutorials

The reference manual is available on the following ESRF computers yrex2, tyrex4, wid16chiquita and taurus


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Instruments ID16B-NA (ESRF) ID19 (ESRF)
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