Profile and structure analysis software for powder and single crystal data XRD. Profile and structure analysis by integrating a large wealth of profile fitting techniques as well as related applications. Single Line Fitting Indexing (LSI and LP-Search methods) Whole Powder Pattern Decomposition (Pawley and Le Bail methods) Ab-initio structure determination in direct space from powder and single crystal data Rietveld structure refinement Quantitative Rietveld analysis

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Categories Data analysis Sample simulation Powder Diffraction Single Crystal Diffraction
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Platforms Windows
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Input Formats RAW FullProf XYE GSAS
Output Formats CIF
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Executable downloadable from P:\EXP\SoM\TOPAS-5.0

Readme file here:

User manual and tutorial available in: P:\EXP\SoM\TOPAS-5.0\Documents

The User Documentation is available in: P:\EXP\SoM\TOPAS-5.0\Documents

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